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Biography of FeedBack


From left to right: Sam, Jay, and Mike standing outside Jay's Garage!

Mike Mendoza - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Sam Mendoza - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Jay Ocanaz - Drums/Vocals

Tony G. - Bass/Lead Guitar

The Band started about March of 2005!  I,(Mike Mendoza) had been going to Jam Night at the local clubs and Met up with Jay.  We had known each other already from my cousin Adrian.  Sam and I had been playing together all of our lives since we were young brothers.  At Jam Night Jay had mentioned that he could play the drums.  So I asked him to Jam.  Then I decided that we could kind of start a band and stuff.  So we kept practicing and practicing.  Finally after a couple of months we had a couple of gigs.  Our first was at a Coffee Shop called Coffee was fun..My daughters Michelle and Lauren came with Aunty Jackie.  It was cool.
Now we are working on a CD so people can listen to some FeedBack Music....

Newest member of the band: Tony G. he plays Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar and sings. Let's give him a big hand.....